Thursday, March 11, 2010

Settling into life in St Petersburg

Today is our third full day in St. Petes and now that we have been approved in court (all four families traveling this week thru our agency have been approved, so its cause to celebrate) we can relax a bit. We also have nothing else to do, but visit Marat for one hour each day, so we are taking advantage of living city life again.

Because we are living in an apartment, we are in an area where there are many other apartments, shops and restaurants. Kind of touristy and kind of residential.

Finally, after the "December madness" trip where we did nothing but sleep, visit Marat and handle administrative tasks, we are getting to really hang out in Russia!! We found an awesome coffee shop (one of MANY), we found a mall (not the typical "mall" but a cool shopping center) and best of all, a full fledged grocery store. Now, listen, I am NOT a cook (ok i am sure that most of you reading this know that by now) but god damn it, I had THE BEST time in that grocery store today. I was actually giddy!

We stocked up on bread, juice, the essentials. But, next time, I am going to buy frozen veggies and Barilla (yes Barilla) pasta. 1/3 of the store probably carried "american" brands and the rest, well it was pretty easy to figure out what we were buying.

This is why Scott and I travel. Going to museums is fun, and checking out all the tourist spots is essential. But when you get to visit a local grocery store...well, something that simple gives you insight into another land, another culture, another way of daily life.

Tomorrow, off to visit Marat again for our "one hour slot" and then to a baby store to get some items and then we are on a search for a fitness center. I am so not kidding....i will be lifting weights and wrestling with the best of them soon enough :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations to you & Scott! It will be an amazing journey for you as a family. I am so happy for you. Now all your talk about cooking makes me think of your mom and the chicken!! It makes me giggle. Have a safe trip home with your little boy!!