Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red threads

I am sitting here in a coffee shop on Nevsky Prospect, relaxing and blogging and facebooking and emailing. Isnt technology incredible? We are really enjoying living our lives here. Dont get me wrong, I get homesick of course, but if we had to spend three weeks anywhere, this place isnt bad.

We have seen Brody Marat one time this week, and have two more visits ahead. Gotcha Day is next Tuesday! He is doing fine. Not really interested in us, as he cant understand a word we are saying, but somehow, we have managed to entertain him for the one hour time slot we are given with him, before any major meltdowns have occurred.

When I got home the other day, I noticed something odd. A few months ago, I bought both Scott and myself silver bracelets, containing a red thread in them. This red thread idea comes from a Chinese proverb that says we are connected in life to people thru invisible red threads. When the red thread unravels, you are (more than likely) connected or reunited with those you were longing to see. Well after my visit wtih Brody yesterday, I realized that my bracelet was missing. I have worn this bracelet nite and day for months and all of a sudden yesterday, it disappears and I havent found it since.

I was more than happy to see it gone for good :)

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