Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adoption Day

Scott and I are officially parents! Today was the court date to finalize the adoption and for two people who are lawyers (ok, one a former lawyer) it was VERY stressful!

Having practiced family law for a few years, I thought today would be a piece of cake. Not quite. Both Scott and I were grilled by the judge. We each took turns standing at a podium, as the judge asked us question after question after question. Granted, some of the questions were easy" "Why did you choose to adopt?" Other questions, not so easy: "What do you know about the recent murders of adopted russian children by their American adoptive parents and what do you think of this abuse?"

TRUST ME, it sounds like an easy question, but when you are thrown a question like that and you have a judge, prosecutor, social worker and the head of the orphanage staring at you, not so easy.

The only glitch we experienced was that the social worker hadnt completed her due diligence...she couldnt produce copies of documents verifying that they had in fact tried to contact Marat's biological family prior to the adoption. The judge was not happy. AT ALL. She wasnt yelling, but was very upset and almost yelling, in Russian...I think our translator left some stuff out, as the judge was talking a mile a minute and he couldnt keep up with what she was saying.

But in the end, after 45 minutes, a judge in St. Petersburg Russia approved us as fit parents and gave us permission (in 10 days) to offically take Marat home. When the 10 day waiting period has expired, I will post pictures.

In the meantime, get ready to meet Brody Marat Cargill.


  1. Congratulations on officially becoming parents (and on making it through the Russian court system)! All the best to the Cargills! Welcome Brody Marat!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! YEAH!!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!! WOOOOO WHOOOOO!!!!!

    Thank God all went well with court. A sigh of relief.....but, I know that the TRUE sigh of relief will not occur until you and Scott touch American soil again.

    I know you are anxious for your 10 day wait to be over but try to enjoy the time (the last "alone time" with hubby). Make sure to have a nice romantic celebratory dinner tonight.....pretty soon it's bibs and sippy cups, and a whole new adventure begins. :-)