Monday, April 12, 2010

Bringing Marat Home

And so today, is a simple day.

Today, Brody Marat Cargill woke up in his crib in NJ, as he has done for the last week in a half.

Today, me and Brody Marat Cargill went to run errands, like dropping off samples at a lab and going grocery shopping.

Today, Brody had lunch (meatballs and cheese) and he laughed and he yelled and he threw a few tantrums/fits. Today, I finally let go of some of my anxiety and got my appetite back.

Today is Day #12 since we returned from Russia on March 31, 2010. Scott and I were very sick when we returned (ear infections, bronchitis) Brody was very tired and overwhelmed when he returned. We had all jet lag when we returned. And we all struggled to find out what the next day would bring and if we could figure it all out. Its a process, but we are learning about each other and learning what happens next.

Today is the second week that Brody Marat Cargill lives in NJ and is an official US Citizen.

Today, I am happy to finally write that we have finally brought Marat home.


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