Thursday, December 3, 2009

The irony of it all

Today we are in Palm Springs, CA. As we flew to Arizona and made the 4 hour drive to CA, I mentioned to Scott that this would be our last trip together (not including trips to russia) without Marat for a long time.

After a very long, but sunny & peaceful day(and may i mention EASY travel glitches at all!) we arrived at the La Quinta Spa and Resort. VERY POSH and very fancy...NOTHING at all that we would choose to pay for our on our own :) so thanks to Scott's job for this treat...LOL, they work him into the ground, he deserves this.

ANYWAYS, we walk into our room and the first thing I see is the coffee table. Sitting on that table is ONE magazine. That magazine is a tennis magazine. Who is on the cover? Marat Safin, a world famous tennis player. I stood there in silence looking at that magazine. I believe in fate.

Of course, throughout our adoption journey, there have been little signs and symbols that I have taken to heart. Everything happens for a reason.

But this??? What are the chances that we would...
check into a hotel room 2 weeks before we meet our son for the first time
and that on our last trip "alone" as a couple
sitting in front of us is a magazine that says "MARAT" in big bold letters??

What are the freaking chances? The chances are such: Marat is waiting for us. We are coming soon.

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