Saturday, December 12, 2009

One week

We will be heading to St. Petes in one week. We have an overnight flight, through Germany on Lufthansa airlines. We arrive in St Petes at 430 pm, Russian time.

This week, I connected with another person who is adopting from Russia, through our same adoption agency. Her name is Michelle and her and husband live in Virginia. She is very sweet and will be traveling the same week as us. Again for the irony...she is my age, and its her first child..a little boy too. The international adoption world keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So on another note, I havent figured out how much info I will share on this blog. Scott and I have heard/read that its entirely possible that our emails/internet connections will be monitored while in Russia. While its possible that is a complete myth, leftover from the days of communism paranoia, we will play it safe and keep things on the down-low. You will know where we are and how we are, but probably not much past that, until we arrive home. I have also decided that I will not post ANY pics of anything other than sightseeing events...I dont need to get thrown into a Russian jail. I mean really, who can imagine ME, sitting in a russian jail? I would be so freaking cold and pissed off, that its not even funny.

One week til we see our son :)

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