Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Marat

Today is Christmas Day 2009. In Russia, Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7, so today, was like any other normal day for us....sort of.

We officially accepted our referral of Brody Marat Cargill, which means in about 8 weeks, we will be returning to St. Pete's to pick up our son. Today was oddly enough, almost sunny. Is that a sign?

We had many things to do today...the notary's office, looking at apartments, getting a physical at the Russian medical clinic (I will explain that later) and of course, saying goodbye to Marat. As hard as it was (he walked right up to me today and hugged me! thats a first!), we cant believe we spent an hour on Christmas day with our son. We are parents now. We have a little boy. A little boy who lives far far away. Soon enough, we will be back.

Tomorrow, my birthday, December 26, we leave St. Pete's and fly home.

Merry Christmas Marat. We will have a stocking full of toys waiting for you next Christmas.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend your Christmas! But, you know, next Christmas will be soooo much better!

    I am looking forward to hearing your take on the experience of a Russian physical....

    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas and safe travels home.

  2. Lisa,
    Happy Birthday! What a great day. Please continue to share your journey.
    Hugs and Love to All,
    The Columbo's

  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
    And congratulations to you and Scott. I am so happy for you and thanks for sharing this journey with everyone. I can only imagine how you felt when you first saw him.
    See you soon!
    PS I can't believe her name was Ludmilla!!