Sunday, December 20, 2009

And so the journey begins.... Germany.

We are sitting in a Hilton hotel in Dusseldorf (where?!!) Germany because our flight to St Pete's was cancelled, due to one of the worst snowstorms in their recent history. I had a few meltdowns today, but thank God, Scott and I are travellers and our "traveling instincts" kicked in (although if i was such a world traveler, i shouldnt have had meltodwns right?)

Anyways, thanks to my ingenuity (I must say) we are in a nice Hilton hotel 10 miles (how many kilometers is that?) from the airport.

We are rebooked for a flight to St Petes tomorrow. We will keep you posted. Going to bed now, i have had 2 hours of sleep in 24 hours. Nice prep for parenthood.

1 comment:

  1. Meltdowns happen to the best of us....get some rest and take advantage to explore a bit in Germany.

    I know, I's all crazy. But, when you are home with Marat, you will look back at this madness (and your meltdowns) with fondness.

    I have been thinking of you and Scott on your journey. You are in the hearts of many. Grab a virtual hug as needed to get you through.