Monday, November 30, 2009

Anxiety and Anticipation

I feel so sorry for my friends and colleagues at the YMCA. I returned to work today (after being in Buffalo for the last few days) a nervous wreck. I decided to have a meltdown this morning (when I woke up) worrying about the cost of the flights to Russia, the logistics of traveling on such short notice and of course, meeting our this really happening?

Of course its all happening, just much quicker than we ever could have thought. But everything happens for a reason and I am going to assume the reason is that we need to bring our boy home and bring him home quickly!

So lets just get this show on the road shall we??

We fly out Dec 19 thru Dusseldorf (where??) Germany and land in St Petes on Dec 20. We will meet with the Ministry of Education on Dec 21st and hopefully meet Marat that same day. We will leave St Petes on Dec 24.

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