Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Marat

Well I cant believe that i am announcing this, but Scott and I are traveling to St Petersburg Russia on December 19th.

I landed in Buffalo today (for Thanksgiving with the grandparents) and there was a message on my cell phone from the adoption agency. As I waited for my luggage to come through on the carousel, I called the agency back. Had we forgotten a document? Did we have to get another set of fingerprints done? Nope to all of the above.

They were calling to give us a travel date. The Russian Ministry of Education got back to us and confirmed that we need to be in Russia on December 21st, where we get our official referral of Marat. This means that we will be meeting Marat soon after (on that day?). We will be heading home on Christmas Eve.

All I can is OH MY GOD. We are meeting our son in one month. This is NOT what we expected. We figured it would be sometime after the new year but not this soon. But when has anything in this process ever been what we expected? I am so nervous! I am so excited! I am so overwhelmed!!

And all I said to Scott when i left this morning was "I cant wait to relax this week, no stress."

So much for that idea :)

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