Monday, November 16, 2009

the process so far

Hi again all.

First let me say that I really have no idea what I am doing "blogging." So, if you ask me a question and I dont respond, its because honestly, i dont know how to use this blog thing (yes i am 98 years old)!!!

Anyways, I want to answer some overall questions that people have for me. See below.....

"When will you travel to Russia for the first time?"
Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea. We assume sometime after christmas, as Marat is not officially "released" for international adoption until December 17. Our first trip to Russia will be for about one week. This is when we meet Marat and interact with him and find out any other info on him that we can (social history, etc) from the "institution" or "baby home" (as its referred to in Russia). However, I will not be offended if anybody says "orphanage" its ok....that's technically where he is living right now.

"Do you adopt him immediately after meeting him?"
Hell no..if it were so simple...we will return back to the US after our first trip and wait, yet again. We will wait to be assigned a court date, where we will return to Russia and officially adopt him in Russia. We should get assigned a court date about 6-8 weeks after we return from our first trip. This means we will travel to Russia two times.

"And then you are heading home with Marat after the court date?"
Hell no...yet again :( Russian law requires a 10 day waiting period which means that we do a "whole lot of nothing" waiting for that period to expire. Now we can visit Marat during this time, but we cant take him back to the hotel with us or anything like that.

I am hoping that Scott is able to stay in St Petes with me during the 10 day period (and not have to go back to work for a week) because I am not leaving St Petes again...which means that I am staying through the month (total trip time is about 20-25 days) alone or with Scott, it doesnt matter to me. Ok, thats a total lie, it matters a lot because I am a little freaked out to stay in Russia alone, but I am not thinking about that leave and come back AGAIN is too much $$, stress and emotions!! Plus, i freaking hate flying. It doesnt matter that I have flown probably 100 times in my life....still hate it. I should be a real comfort to Marat on the plane ride home to the US huh?

But, some people DO travel for a third trip. Not very common, but it does happen.

Once the 10 day period expires, we pick him up at the baby home (also known as GOTCHA DAY in the adoption community!)

But we dont head to the airport yet!! Instead we fly to Moscow where we get Marat's passport and immigration papers in order...thats another couple days and then, finally we head home.

Thats it...please ask me any questions you have. no question is silly


  1. Really, really, really.....I swear....if you have to stay in Russia for those 10 days it *really* won't be that bad. Boring, YES!! But honestly, nothing to be freaked about.

    Also, Lisa....have a HUGGGEEE favor to ask of you when you head thru Moscow. I'll talk to you about that when you get your travel dates.

  2. did you stay in russia alone?

    and i am happy to do anything u ask while in have beeen such a wealth of info/pillar of support, its the least i can do!! ask away when the time comes!!

  3. No, I didn't stay in Russia alone but I know of several people in my blog world that have. I can be done but lonliness would probably be your biggest hurdle. The communication barrier will add to the feeling of isolation. But, if you are lucky there will be other adoptive families there that you could communicate with. (We met a bunch of other families and are still in touch with several of them)

    Oh...and come to think of it, my best friend wasn't alone but she was was with her daughter who was about 8 at the time. If you knew my friend Tammy you would know she is not very adventerous when it comes to travel. So....if she could do it, you'll have no problem.