Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the risk you take

Wow, ok, so I understand the cathartic nature of blogging now! I am hooked.

So one month from today, Marat becomes legally available for international adoption. I called our agency a little while ago to check in on the status of trip dates, knowing full well there is no status update. There cant be, he isnt available for adoption yet. But we did find out that we wont be traveling until at least sometime after the Russian Christmas (January 7) holiday because all major government agencies will be shut down in Russia during that time. We are given a 2 week notice as to when our first trip date will be.

The social worker reminded me that because Marat isnt legally available yet, there is always a chance that this wont work out...he could be adopted by a Russian family or for whatever reason, not released for adoption (looming family members out there who wont sign off on his adoption). She said that although rare, it happens. We knew this all along, but her saying that really hit me hard today...Just one of the many risks you take in adopting internationally....

no pics will be posted of him until December 17 , lets just get through that date :) and then you can all see our son.

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